Unlimited Cover Letters

Unlimited Cover Letters

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Eliminate the stress and busy-work in your job search today! Have a professional writer build you unlimited cover letters for your job search. Join today to have an expert in your field to build compelling, unique cover letters for each one of your job applications.

The average job seeker spends 1 hour per job application, but employers spend less than 6 minutes on the job application review throughout the entire hiring process. Most of those employers are spending even less time on the applications if the applicant tracking system (ATS) marked the candidate as unqualified.

Stop wasting time on the cover letters and have a professional writer take care of it for you. Join today to have a team take care of this for you.

This month-to-month subscription includes:

  • a dedicated, professional writer;
  • unlimited requests and revisions on cover letters;
  • fast turnarounds;
  • easy and streamlined communication; and
  • a dedicated customer success resource to help you make the most of your membership - and more importantly your job search!
This membership includes 1 request per day (Monday - Friday). Requests can be for any type of cover letter or edits on a cover letter. All communications with your writer are through our client system. You will receive an invite to our system after you check-out. This is a month-to-month membership and it will automatically renew on the anniversary date of your sign-up.