Government Resume (State or Federal Government)

Government Resume (State or Federal Government)

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Have an expert government resume writer build you a new resume that is optimized for the government hiring processes (city, county, state, or federal). Your writer will be experienced in your field and is an expert in the qualifications-based government hiring process which is unique from the private sector.

This package includes:

  • As much consultation as needed to get the government resume and cover letter right for you. Consultation is provided by chat, email, phone, or video;
  • A cover letter with the option to have it built for a specific job or a general template to use in your search;
  • A professionally written resume that is optimized for the government hiring process; 
  • All edits on the government resume and cover letter; and
  • The final versions of the government resume and cover letter delivered electronically to you in both word and pdf formats to use in your search.

Once purchased, your order will be assigned to a government resume writer that is an expert in your field. You will receive an invite from our client system where you can collaborate with your professional resume writer, upload documents, and request edits. Make sure to watch for an email from us as they sometimes get caught in the email filters. You can also go to to register directly if you don't see the email from our system within 2 hours of purchase (if made during business hours).

The standard turnaround time on the rough first draft for government resumes is 3 business days. This timeframe applies to the first draft and all subsequent drafts unless the resume package is upgraded for an expedited turnaround time. Most people have a final version in 2 - 3 drafts.

Any requests or edits must be made so that they can be completed within the 30 day timeframe. Government resumes must be started within 120 days of purchase. All government resumes must be completed in 30 days from beginning the process unless otherwise stated in writing.